100% apple juice … with added fun!

Most fun you can have with apples …

So what is the ultimate mystery behind cider? Dead simple. Apple juice.


And that’s it.

Foxwhelp – must be the favourite cider apple variety

Wild ferment.

Now you might think that because you have read the ingredients on your average bottle of cider – it must contain “glucose syrup, E colours and sulphites added for flavouring, colour and as preservatives!!!

Ehm… no?

It can be surprising to discover that our ciders (and of course Perry) have NO added sulphites, chemicals or preservatives, NO sprays on fruit, NO artificial sweeteners or E numbers, apples are hand-picked from traditional orchards thriving with wildlife, NO heavy machines are used in the process. NO bought in fruit, NO itinerant labour, NO pasteurisation. Live product – naturally around 7% alcohol content – Naked Orchards

Let’s have a closer look at how we make our cider and perry …