Craft Ciderist & Perry Maker

Started from scratch in 2017 (18 years old) – with a lot of help, mostly from Chris in the early days. Now the cidermaking family is growing – Alice and Morag are valuable members of the team and it wouldn’t be possible without them all…

No beard yet but will work on it.

Lucie, the front face of Naked Orchards – born in 1998, one of the few females in the industry, now BEST IN WORCESTERSHIRE two years running – also winning awards at the Big Apple, Ross on Wye cider competition and more…

First time drinking proper cider? ‘Gosh that’s rough!’

Second sip? ‘I’m in love…’ [with the cider!!] – the relationship is lasting and turning into a passionate journey full of experimenting and pushing boundaries.

After two years spent at Ragged Stone, a new brand was formed to promote the fact that all our ciders and perries are natural and to make people aware of the quality of their drink – but it is yet to develop in all directions connected to cidermaking, for instance grafting and orcharding in general

Perry and cider are a lifestyle now – we pick it – we make it – we blend it – we sell it – we love it. And we drink it.

It’s hard work – yet rewarding. Still so much to learn… like how not to get sprayed when you open a bottle of sparkling Perry!

Yes, managed to scare customers off one day by telling them they shouldn’t drink the sweet cider if they want to lose weight, instead, they should go towards the dry end of the spectrum… well – they went next door and bought a fruit cider. You can’t help everyone.