Pear Cider? No, thank you. Babycham? Getting closer but still miles away …

So what is this ‘Perry’ that everyone keeps talking about?

Blakeney Red – one of the widely planted Perry Pear varieties

Perry – alcoholic drink made from Perry Pears – a very special kind of pears which is local to the area of the Three Counties and Monmouthshire – but also found in central Europe or the US … you can count over 114 known and described varieties in the UK and new ones are being discovered every year – you never know, there might be one in your garden!

Perry Pears have a distinctive taste, lightly perfumed scent and high levels of tannins. Perry is also generally sweeter than cider, because of unfermentable sugar called sorbitol.

Red Pear – produces slightly ‘smokey’ flavour

Not recommended to bite into them – unless you are evil and fancy seeing your friend pull a face – but a naturally sparkling drink made from perry pear juice has been around for thousands of years.