a page about grafting, growing, feeding, watering and spoiling perry and apple trees so they are happy and cropping

Perry Pear buds …

In a small-ish garden by the house we have planted 80+ trees (not counting all the transplanted wild plums) over the last 5 years – and in all the orchards we look after we managed to find space for 300 young trees, mostly perry pears – all of them are rare or endangered heritage varieties…

Lucie is having fun grafting and has lots of ideas about starting a nursery.

Currently exploring different kinds of grafting and seeing what works best.
Also attempting to grow rootstocks.
It will work.
Just need a little bit of time.
Because the little diddy seeds are still asleep.

Always looking forward to the next spring – what has taken, what worked, which varieties have we got and how many varieties on one tree can we sustain?

Only a beginner but passionate and excited – is there an apple or perry (or a different pear) variety you are particularly interested in? Would love to graft it for you – get in touch!